3 Increasing Revenues and Saving Costs with Forums Master

-Increasing revenues-


A NGO sends an alert message on its Forums: There is a need, and here is the link to the Payment Page. Users just click on the link and after a couple of seconds they can input their credit card data and collaborate.

Clothing shop

A clothing shop notifies their users that their Sales offers start next week, but only for them, for its community, they have the same discounted price ready starting today, so that they have priority to choose size and colour.


A bakery shares a photo of mouthwatering cakes that are just coming out of the oven. Some of their actual customers will reserve cakes on Forums.


A restaurant that has less than expected reservations for tonight, launches an offer to their usual customers.The same restaurant, broadcasts that starting next month they will be hosting cooking courses in the afternoon.


A hotel has the Spa almost empty this afternoon. Thanks to Forum, they can react and make an offer to their actual guests.

Travel agency

A travel agency launches and offer on their Cruises Forum. Some of the users that perhaps wouldn't have made that decision alone, however they encourage each other and end up travelling together. As they are on the cruise, they share smiling selfies and other picks of their fabulous experience. They are the best advisors: the ones in the forum that did not go promise that they will not miss the next opportunity.

Political party

A political party wants to collect funds for a coming campaign. The usual invitation to a dinner with the leader comes with a link to a Payment Page, enabling a prompt sign up and payment, before other commitments stops them from engaging.

--Saving costs--

Clothing shop

A clothing shop manager consults its community its opinion about the items in the new season's catalog before buying stock from the wholesaler. This manager will now buy more items of the kind his customers love, and less or nothing of what they do not like.


A hotel has a job listing to which all its casual workers are connected. If they post: "we need 2 people in 2 hours". The first 2 who say "Me" get the job, whereas all the rest know that the need has been covered. All of them find this is a fair system to be subscribed to.


Startups exploit innovative business models with Forums, thanks to having segmented connections with customers and providers.

Phone Bill

A company paying expensive phone bills reduces communications costs and time vs making phone calls

Sports federation

A sports federation saves idle time and unnecessary trips thanks to an effective group communication.


One neighbour in a condominium saves the travel time fee of a plumber, because he finds out on Forums that a plumber is coming to another condo in the same building.


The Property manager of this Homeowners' association gets only one phone call informing that the garage door is out of order. Next, he publishes the incident on this Forum, together with an estimation of when the problem will be solved.


You can start using Forums Master right away, with an inexpensive subscription and no retention clauses. Avoid dedicated apps that mean a lump sum investment plus updating costs.

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